Telkom has announced a new way for customers to stay connected wherever they are with Telkom’s Integrated Data Service (IDS).

Available from tomorrow 1st April, IDS lets customers access their Telkom Internet SoftCap data bundle from any smart device via a Telkom Internet SIM, even if their DSL service is not working or while on the move, from R99 a month.

This new offering has been introduced as a failover option should a fault interrupt DSL service and also allows customers to stay connected even while travelling.

“IDS is available at an additional subscription and allows consumers to use their full SoftCap data bundles on either fixed or mobile/smart devices. SMBS and enterprise customers can get up to 10 Telkom IDS data SIM cards, while consumer customers get up to five Telkom IDS data SIM cards,” Telkom said.

Together with this, customers will receive free mobile data every month from tomorrow and this allocation will become the default on all SoftCap and uncapped products.

Below is a breakdown of the free mobile data allowances:

Below is a breakdown of the offerings and prices of internet on IDS:

“As part of our commitment to great customer service, we’re always looking for ways to offer consumers the greatest flexibility and the most convenience. We know that consumers want to use their devices wherever they are, so we’re introducing new benefits that allows them to access their data on the move and at home,” said Attila Vitai, CEO of Telkom Consumer.