Every year Reddit does something interesting for April Fool’s. This year’s event, referred to simply as “Place”, is a giant canvas anyone can edit.

If you have a Reddit account created before 31st March 2017 you can head over to /r/Place. On this subreddit you can drop a single pixel in one of 16 colours.

Considering that Reddit is one of the largest sites in the world and millions of people could be drawing onto the canvas, chaos would ensue. To prevent this, there’s a time limit between every pixel. After we dropped one recently we had to wait five minutes before we were allowed the privilege again.

To get around this and to create legible art like in the small cross section above, communities have banded together to co-ordinate their limited pixels. After an image is completed it then needs to be maintained as other users try and draw over the completed works.

This is usually done over Discord or other apps while following an Excel spreadheets with each cell representing a pixel.

The fine folks over on the South African subreddit, /r/SoutAfrica, have been doing just that. The South African flag can be seen along with the text “S. Africa” flying proudly, nestled in with some other flags.

You can see the flag being created in this time-lapse created by an Imgur user.  Keep your eyes on the bottom left corner next to the larger Brazilian flag.

Much of the canvas around the flag has changed since then, so make sure you check it out live before this little experiment ends.