After adding downloads to its mobile apps, Netflix is now allowing users on PC to download content and watch it later.

To be clear this doesn’t mean users can navigate to the Netflix website and download content. Users will need to download the Netflix app for Windows to take advantage of this offer.

Once downloaded the video will only be available for viewing through the Netflix app.

If you plan on downloading shows however, make sure the internet connection has plenty of bandwidth. We’re currently downloading episode one of Stranger Things and the file size clocks in at 844.7MB. Ouch!

We’re going to need more data…

This setting can be changed (thankfully) by navigating to the options at the top right of the app, clicking Settings and then changing the Video Quality option under Downloads to Standard.

Sadly not every TV series and movie is available for download due to licensing restrictions but the selection is decent and you can download all of the Netflix Originals.

As we mentioned you’ll need to download the Netflix app for Windows. The easiest way to do that in Windows 10 is to simply type Netflix in the search bar and download the app that way. Alternatively you can just download the app through the Windows Store.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we have a lot of downloading to do, just in case our power goes out.