With the new Ghost in the Shell out in the wild, makers are already trying to replicate the many props seen in the movie.

Sergey Kolesnik, a well-known artist in the space, has taken to modelling The Major’s ‘thermoptic pistol’. Based on a Glock 19, this gun becomes invisible in the fiction of the world, pairing up with the thermoptic suit seen in the building jump scene near the beginning of the movie.

The files to make your own impossible pistol are available on Pinshape. Unfortunately, unlike most of the designs we feature on this site, they’re not free and you’ll have to pay $14.30 (~R198) to get them.

Alternatively, we did find another attempt at the same prop available for free over on Thingiverse. We suggest waiting until either maker uploads a printed version of their gun so you can compare it to the real prop.

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