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This Arduino analogue thermometer has a great art deco aesthetic

With so many projects being made with the Arduino, we’ve seen a fair share of thermometer projects that try to do something different. This version, by, does so by adopting an older look.

The enclosure, which gives this project much of its flair, is apparently based on a commercial thermometer from 100 years ago. This version was designed from scratch and 3D printed using a wood grain filament.

Inside you’ll find an Arduino Nano, an analogue voltmeter which acts as the dial, a power bank for the power source and a few other components. The voltmeter also has a custom face with appropriate styling which is simply a printed piece of paper.

The face also lights up thanks to some LEDs and a sensor which powers them on when it gets dark.


If you’d like to replicate this project and have your own little throwback device, check out the Instructables page which not only acts as a guide, but also has all the code and files you’ll need to make it.

The estimated cost of the project is $10 in components and $16 for the enclosure. That’s $26 (~R361) in total, and we’re sure people would pay more than that for something similar in an antique shop.

Alternatively, you can watch the accompanying video which covers most of the guide in brief. We also suggest you watch the accompanying video which covers the process of turning a voltmeter into a thermometer.

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