We rarely cover maker projects focused on emulation through the Raspberry Pi, due to the sheer number of them. But when someone makes a console out of wood you have to give it some attention.

Created by the woodworking YouTube channel SimpleCove, this project really is about the case and the amount of work that went into it. The outside of the console is cherry with even the buttons and D-pad being made out of wood – oak.

Even if you’re not into working with wood, you should still skim through the 14-minute video about how this was made. It’s impressive to see a solid chunk of wood turned into something you can play games on.

The heart of the console is a Raspberry Pi 2 connected to a 5-inch screen running RetroPie. There’s also a speaker and a charging port, so this really is a complete system.

A full written guide to replicate this project can be found on Instructables, along with all the code and resources for the software.

As they say at the end of the video below, this project isn’t practical as it will probably have problems with heat and charging, and it was not easy to do. On the other hand, it looks awesome and now you have a guide to follow.

If you love the look of this intriguing project and manage to build one of these really cool wooden console cases, we’d love to see your work. Ping us on Twitter or Facebook or both and let us know of your success.