Well, here’s a turn out for the books: We Happy Few, the ghoulish, Orwellian horror game from Compulsion Games is going to be made into a movie.

This may strike some observers as a little bit strange, since We Happy Few is still in Early Access on Steam and there’s a beta build on the Xbox One. Usually, videogame properties are bankrolled as films after a full release – and one that has cash-registers ringing across the land so that producers know there’s already an audience in place that’ll pay money to see it.

Still, according to a report on Eurogamer, We Happy Few is being developed for the silver screen by Gold Circle Films and DJ2 Entertainment. If those names mean nothing to you, the former is the production company behind the Pitch Perfect and My Big Fat Greek Wedding films, while the latter is probably best known for the smash hit Netflix series Stranger Things.

Incidentally, DJ2 is apparently working on movie adaptations of two other videogame IPs: Sonic The Hedgehog and Sleeping Dogs.

If you’ve not played it yet, We Happy Few is set in a weird, rather warped version of England that’s equal parts steampunk and swinging 60s. In this world, everyone wanders around wearing masks that have sinister smiles plastered all over them and citizens are encouraged to take pills called ‘Joy’ to balance out their moods.

The protagonist of the game – and presumably the movie – stops taking his Joy and begins to see some horrific truths about the world and people around him. He’s then outcast as a ‘Downer’ and hunted through the streets by evil, smiling policemen.

Sounds like fun, unless you’re coulrophobic, in which case batten down the hatches, because another creepy clown is headed your way later this year.