The latest flagship LG smartphone – the G6 – hits shelves this Friday and, while we already know the specifications, there are a few things we think you should know about the handset.

Top of our list is the size. The G6 boasts a 5.7inch display which traditionally meant that you would have a tough time handling it. The difference with the G6 is that LG has squeezed this screen into the body of a handset that in the past would have housed a 5.2inch display.

The result is a handset that feels as comfortable to hold as a 5inch smartphone.

LG tells us that it spent an inordinate amount of time studying how folks use their smartphones. This research helped in the design of the G6 and influenced features such as the curved corners of the display where the fingerprint scanner is situated. It also had some bearing on all the extras packed inside the G6 such as the stunning camera. The G6 is designed with the user at the front of LG’s mind, and it shows.

The G6 is an incredibly pretty smartphone but that doesn’t mean it isn’t tough. The handset boasts an IP68 rating and is water resistant up to a depth of 1.5m for 30 minutes.

The G6 also passed a number of drop tests, temperature shock tests (going from extremely low to extremely high temperatures suddenly) and humidity tests. All of which the handset passed with flying colours.

Absolute power

Perhaps the most impressive feature of the G6 though is how safe the battery is.

LG conducted 20 safety tests on the battery to insure that it won’t explode in the wild. While that sounds like pandering it isn’t. Take a look at the video below from YouTuber, JerryRigEverything where he pierces the battery.

Of course you shouldn’t be piercing your smartphone’s battery just because you can, but it’s good to know what happens if you do.

We do currently have a G6 on hand for review purposes and we are currently putting it through its paces. So far we’re quite impressed with what LG has done here.

Sure, the G5 took a leap of faith with its “modular” design but the G6 is just so much more practical and user friendly.

We’ll have a full review up soon but if you can’t wait for that as we mentioned the LG G6 will be available this Friday and will have a RRP of R14 629.

Contract pricing starts at R599 says LG with Vodacom and MTN offering up the handset at launch. Telkom and Cell C will have the phone available on contract from 20th April and 1st May respectively.

During the launch month buyers will also receive a 64GB microSD card and an LG Tone Ultra Bluetooth headset.

Chipset Snapdragon 821
CPU Quad-core (2.35GHz Kryo and 1.6GHz Kryo)
Storage 32GB and 64GB
Camera Dual 13MP (rear) and 5MP (front)
Display 5.7inch (1440 x 2880)
SIM Dual and Single
Wifi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Battery 3300mAh
Extras Fingerprint sensor, Bluetooth, Fast charging, USB Type-C, IP68 water and dust proof.