Berlin programmer Jannis Hermanns just became the envy of every LEGO fan and vintage PC enthusiast by making a tiny recreation of the Macintosh Classic using a Raspberry Pi.

This project started off with the screen – a  2.7-inch e-paper display. Using the bricks he had around the house, Hermanns tried a few rough prototypes before moving to LEGO Digital Designer to create the body of the Macintosh.

Once the parts were ordered and the shell built, it was filled with a Raspberry Pi Zero, a WiFi board (as this was purchased before the Zero W), and the screen. It’s running Docker through, allowing it to function as a clock or a simple image display that can be updated remotely.

Aside from the sad necessity to cut up some bricks, this really is an awesome project. If you’d like to replicate it or get more details about how it was made, check out Hermanns’s blog post which also contains code and wiring diagrams. 

This project adds to the resurgence in the popularity of the classic Apple Macintosh. More specifically, shrinking it down and doing something unique with the design.

We recently saw an Apple Watch dock that turns the wearable into a tiny PC, and a recreation using the $9 C.H.I.P. board. And, yes, it does play Oregon Trail.

[Source – Jannis Hermanns blog Via | Images – CC 2.0 by Jannis Hermanns]