UPDATE: Dark Carnival, the organisers of GeekFest have informed us that the matter has been dealt with and that the offending photographer has pulled out of the event entirely. The organiser goes on to say that cosplayers have said they will once again be attending the event. The original story follows on below.

Allegations have surfaced today that a photographer took photos of cosplayers when they shouldn’t have.

The allegations have led to a number of cosplayers calling for others to boycott GeekFest 2017 on social media.

“GeekFest.. I love you guys, but you guys have to do something before you end up having no cosplayers there at all… #Geekfest2017 Dont let it turn into Geekfest must fall,” a Facebook user wrote on the event’s official page.

A male photographer was allegedly spotted snapping photos of cosplayers as they were changing. When a cosplayer complained to GeekFest organiser the response they allegedly received was “his word against yours.”

This news has prompted many cosplayers to fear for their safety at these events with many calling for the event organiser to increase security.

Given that these allegations are rather serious we contacted the organisers of GeekFest, Dark Carnival to get official word from them.

“An investigation into the allegations is currently underway and we will release an official statement once we have spoken to the relevant parties,” manager at Dark Carnival Angie Michna tells us.

The manager goes on to say that no cosplayer has contacted GeekFest in regards to this matter and the organisers were only made aware of the allegations an hour ago.

Michna tells us that the organisation hopes to have this matter resolved today and we will keep you updated with any developments to this story.

UPDATE 04/07

GeekFest has also published an official statement on its Facebook page which we’ve embedded below.

Plain Text

We have only just recently been notified to the situation regarding the cosplay community.

We take the safety of the South African Cosplay community very seriously and have dealt with the problem. Please rest assured that GeekFest will not turn a blind eye to the matter.

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly if you have any concerns or questions.

Email us at [email protected] or call us at 011 025 5178.