At rAge last year we got to play an awesome new game from local developers in the form of ECHOPLEX, and now you can too.

Billed as a “cyber-horror puzzle game set in a mind-bending near future world”, we described it as a mix of Portal and The Swapper with an art style similar to SUPERHOT.

In the game you’re tasked with reaching an exit hampered only by doorways which dynamically open and close doors in the level. Getting to the end would be impossible without the help of your Echo, a copy of yourself that mimics your actions a few seconds after you’ve done them.

You need the help of your Echo to win, but touching it will also result in a game over, something that is surprisingly difficult to avoid.

If that sounds at all interesting to you, and the trailer sold it, make sure you head on over to the Steam Early Access page where it’s currently on sale for R98.10. This is a discount from the standard price of R109.

The developers, Durban-based Output Games, state that the full release of the game should be out less than a year from now.

We really enjoyed our time with ECHOPLEX when we played an earlier version and it left us defeated as we were unable to beat the final level in the demo available at rAge. If you can best us,  pick up the game and leave some feedback to help development along.