What do you do if you can’t afford an Apple iPhone 6S? You build one of course.

At least that’s the attitude of one Scotty Allen, an entrepreneur, hacker and engineer that sourced parts to create his own version of Apple’s smartphone.

For the last year and a half Allen has been living in Shenzhen, China exploring the industrial and cell phone repair markets.

“Someone mentioned that they’ve seen all these phone parts in the cell phone repair markets, and wondered if you could use them to build your own phone. I’d walked through the markets a bunch before, but I didn’t really understand much about them, or what all was happening there. But I was really curious about how it all fit together, and this seemed like a great excuse to dive deeper,” Allen writes on his blog.

So the engineer set about his quest to build his own iPhone 6S 16GB. You can watch the results in the video below.

We don’t want to spoil to much for you because Allen’s story really is fascinating but we will tell you that he manages to get it right and build a working iPhone 6S.

While the fact that he built a premium smartphone from scratch is incredible more than that is the look into China’s spare parts market and how your broken smartphone that you think is worthless can be stripped for parts and turned into something beautiful again.

The only thing we’re confused about is why, with the ability to build something from nothing Allen went with the smallest iteration of Apple’s handset.