Have you ever bought a game only to immediately regret forking out the money once you fired it up?

Valve has given PC gamers the ability to right that ship for sometime now by allowing consumers to get a full refund for a game so long as the purchase took place in the last 14 days and hasn’t been played for more than two hours.

Now news has emerged that Microsoft is testing a similar feature.

“You’ve spoken; we’ve listened. In support of offering gamers the freedom of choice, we’re making changes to the Microsoft Store purchase experience by offering customers a simple way to instantly return digital products like games and apps through account.microsoft.com,” a message sent to Xbox Insiders reads.

“When a game or app leaves you wanting more, we’re here to help. Self-service refunds on Xbox One and Windows 10 provide a quick, simple way of returning a digital product.”

Great news you might think but, as with all good things there is a catch.

Purchases of season passes and DLC for games will not be eligible for a refund according to a report by PC Gamer. Microsoft will also be instituting a policy similar to Valve’s whereby refunds will only be issued within 14 days of purchase and where less than two hours of a game have been played.

Buyers will also need to download and launch a game once before requesting a refund. Microsoft has also said that gamers won’t be able to request a refund on a game’s launch day.

There’s no word yet as to when this feature will roll out to the masses but we will be sure to update you the moment it does.

It’s a rather nice addition to the Microsoft Store and this refund policy might influence gamers to check the store more often than they currently do.

[Via – PC Gamer]