While the 16:9 landscape monitor arrangement is the de facto way to use a PC right now, it’s not perfect for everything.

Youtube content creator Making Stuff had a particular problem when it comes to viewing PDFs. The long documents are better suited for portrait screens so that the content takes up the entire page and it requires less scrolling to get through.

To combat this he created the “Ultimate Monitor Stand” that switches a screen’s orientation and software on the fly.

The first part of the project is the large metal stand allowing the 22″ screen to move freely and a motor system hooked up to a generic Arduino board. Press the button, the motor works and the screen flips:

But having your monitor on its side would be useless if the software was still displaying a landscape layout. The free version of IRotate, some Arduino code for the motors and an additional application written in C# ensures that everything is the right way around.

You can see the build process of the project in the video embedded below. Make sure you also check out the Making Stuff blog post for links to the code as well as the materials used.