The creators of Rick and Morty pulled what some would consider a “dick move” this April Fool’s by releasing the season premiere of the third season without really telling anyone.

Despite the confusion and fear that it would be another Rick Roll, we do have a new episode of the show and one maker has taken to recreating a part of it as a 3D print.

While a 3D print of Rick’s portal gun has existed for a long time, Jon Cleaver has created the earlier version of it as seen in Rick’s memories. It isn’t on screen for very long, so props to Cleaver for making something that looks this good.

You can also buy a completed version from Cleaver’s Etsy store for $39.06 (~R521). He’s got a lot of other great projects that aren’t from Rick and Morty that you should check out too.

To get your own all you need to do is download the free files from MyMiniFactory. Much easier than using a machine to explore your own mind. No Szechuan sauce though.

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