Internet shutdown in Cameroon comes to an end after 3 months

Cameroonians in the central African country’s English-speaking regions have reason to celebrate today after the government brought a three-month long internet shutdown to an end late yesterday.

Connectivity was cut off in the central African country’s Bamende and Yaounde on 18th January as government clamped down on protestors who were on strike.

Citizens and civil society and even the UN called for the internet to be restored by Cameroon’s government as schools, businesses and the general public were negatively impacted by the move.


Social media rallied around the #BringBackOurInternet hashtag to express their displeasure and send a message to government to restore access.

Government released a statement from President Paul Biya announcing the restoration of internet last night.

“The government urges the populations of these regions to be vigilant (and) to continue to nip in the bud the activities of extremists, secessionists and enemies of the Republic,” the statement said.

[Image –  Nicolas Raymond]

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