The newest event in Overwatch, Uprising, has brought us new weapon skins, and one maker has already recreated them for McCree and Mercy.

First up we have McCree’s Blackwatch Peacekeeper. This giant revolver measures in at 14″ (355,6 millimetres) and took 32 hours to print. You can find the files free to download off of MyMiniFactory.

Mercy’s more modest Combat Medic Ziegler Pistol also got some love. This one only took 11 hours to print but it’s just as respectable. The files for this one are also on MyMiniFactory.

The talented Jill Cope, who we’ve featured on this site many a time, is to thank for these prints. If you haven’t already, check out her work outside of Overwatch. Digimon and Fire Emblem fans are sure to be happy.

Both of these have been added to our continually growing list of Overwatch 3D printable props. 

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