The Golden Snitch from Harry Potter has existed as a 3D print for some time now, but it has been remixed to have more use compared to a paper weight.

A Thingiverse user has turned it into a small keepsake box intended for rings by hollowing out the inside and adding a hinge. The cavity is 3.2 centimetres in diameter and the hinge is cleverly made out of a piece of unused filament.

To get your own Golden Snitch head on over to Thingiverse where you can download it for free.

While we’re on the topic of Harry Potter we should also point out another 3D print which popped up over the weekend, also concerning Quidditch. Kinda. “Quidditch beer pong” is something else that has also existed for a while that has now be turned into something you can print. It’s regular beer pong but with added hoops that you also need to get the ball through. Those files are on MyMiniFactory.

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