The upcoming rogue-like/lite from Devolver Digital, STRAFE, is just around the corner with a 9th May release date and it will now have a preorder bonus.

If you decide to part with your money blindly before release, you will gain access to an entirely new weapon in the form of the VV-1N. From the short trailer below, it looks to be a charged laser weapon.

Devolver Digital, we’re not mad, we’re just disappointed. Not only is preordering a decidedly anti-consumer move even from a publisher as beloved and trusted as Devolver, but it looks to be worse in this game specifically.

As shown in a series of videos detailing parts of the game, STRAFE will focus on a player choosing a weapon at the beginning of the game that they will carry with them and upgrade throughout their runs.

Before the announcement of the VV-1N, there were only three guns available, not counting limited-use pickups seen in early playthough videos. Locking the fourth gun, and what looks to be a significant part of the content, behind a preorder is a real slap in the face.

Hopefully there will be some other method to unlock this gun that doesn’t involve paying for it. We only have a 52-second trailer with a two line description to go off right now, so we’ll have to wait and see.

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