See Cape Town, Joburg and rest of the world in amazing 3D view on new Google Earth

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Google Earth released a huge update today which allows you to see the world in a whole new perspective. The exploration tool now shows all locations featured on it in 3D, giving you a beautiful and unique 360 degree view.

Only viewable on the web version, Google Earth still looks exactly like its old version in terms of features, but has been improved and has a few other tools added to it.

When loading Google Earth (only available for Chrome and Android mobile for now) you’ll see the old version of it. To turn on 3D viewing, you can go to the tool bar on the bottom right and just click on 3D. To zoom in on a location, press control and drag your mouse around it.

Below is a photo of Joburg in 2D and in 3D.

“This version makes it easier to discover new content, and visualise the 3D imagery of cities and other places that Google has been adding the last few years. This seems to be the primary focus of this release. You also have access to Street View imagery (and user-contributed photospheres) and can share links to specific Street Views,” said blogger Frank Taylor.

Google Earth has a few discovery tools including Voyager, a showcase of interactive guided tours of various attractions around the globe including jungles, forests, mountains, cities etc.

It’s also brought in the classic Google “I’m feeling lucky” button, which randomly selects one of 20 000 locations for you to explore.

“Once you’ve landed on a point of interest, open a Knowledge Card to learn history and facts about that place and see more pictures of it,” Google said.

iOS and other desktop OS users will get to experience Google Earth in 3D in the coming weeks.

[Source – Google]



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