These supersized & 3D printed LEGO pieces were designed and made in SA

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Local 3D printing enthusiast and founder of makerspace BinarySpace Tom Van den Bon has created 3D prints of smaller LEGO elements, and blown them up to make display pieces.

The first print is of a small bouquet of flowers. This is made up of a large flower stem and three smaller flowers which attach to it. The files for the bouquet are available for free on Thingiverse.

The flag too is made up of a pair of LEGO pieces: a 1X1 antenna and a square flag. The flag was modelled after a printed piece with the skull and crossbones, likely from an old pirate set. The files for this are also on Thingiverse.

While you could print these designs at any scale you want, this larger size really looks cool and the flowers make a great ornament, especially because you don’t have to paint them. They also form part of Van den Bon’s attempt to create a new 3D print for every single day of 2017, something we’ll have a full story on very soon.

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Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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