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Think you can design Hearthstone cards? Blizzard wants you

Take a look at any Hearthstone forum and you’ll find a group of players that believe they can do a better job at designing cards than Blizzard.

The time has come for those players to put their skills where their critique is and apply for the Game Designer position Blizzard is looking to fill.

“We are searching for a talented designer to join the ranks of our development team to design cards and characters that flesh out the charming, fun world of Hearthstone,” writes Blizzard.

The catch is that the position is in Irvine, California so you would need a visa to get the postition if you’re from SA but hey, anything can happen if you’re good enough and game director Ben Brode does encourage “everybody to apply”.

Other than having strong written and verbal communication skills, applicants will also need at least two years experience in game design and have an extensive knowledge of World of Warcraft’s history and characters.

Blizzard also lists having multiple golden heroes in Hearthstone as a “plus”.

And then things get interesting. Rather than simply sending through your CV and a motivational letter (which you are required to do), applicants will also need to design a Hearthstone card.

“Design a single card with a paragraph on why they would be good for Hearthstone. Also include: An art description, Voice over lines and Flavour text,” reads the job listing.

This is tougher than it sounds. With hundreds of cards available in Standard and Wild designing a card that doesn’t break either game mode is a hard ask.

Then again, you would be working for Blizzard if you get the job, so the reward is more than fair for the effort.


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