The Gauteng Department of Education has provided tips on how to deal with the three most common issues parents have reportedly experienced since the Admissions website went live this morning.

While most parents have had fairly good success with the site, others have reported the following issues:

  1. Parents experiencing being told that their details already exist.
  2. Parents receiving error messages whilst applying.
  3. Parents receiving SMSes without the reference number.

The department has noted these problems and advised the following for each:

  1. Parents should reset their passwords.
  2. This might be caused by network problems in the area in which parents are applying. Parents are advised to refresh the system by pressing F5 on the website or even rebooting their devices entirely and trying again. Department technicians are examining the cause of the problem.
  3. New SMSes will be generated and sent to the affected parents.

Parents are urged to use Google Chrome to access the online website as is it faster than other search engines.

The Gauteng Education call centre (0800 000 789) is currently offline and the network is down due to a fire that occurred over the weekend at its office at 111 Commissioner Street in Joburg.

Thousands of applications processed

By 1pm, five hours after the site’s launch, the department recorded 90 984 total applications processed through the system. Within 20 minutes of opening, over 16 000 parents had successfully applied.

“We are pleased with the success of the online application system and humbled by the overwhelming response by the people of Gauteng. The feedback so far from the parents that have either used the system or go to an admission centre to apply online has generally been positive,” the department said.

[Image – CC Petr Kratochvil]