Superstar YouTuber Philip DeFranco has announced plans to start a new news network that he hopes to fund through Patreon.

The creator is no stranger to the world of news and has been hinting about something new and big coming for the last few weeks.

DeFranco regularly discusses topics from the news on his channel but he’s been under the employ of Group 9 and the Discovery Digital Networks for the last four years. The creator has bought back his channels (which include over 6.5 million subscribers) and assets from both firms

“Today I am happy to announce that for the first time in four years I am an independent creator again. I am so thankful to Group 9 and Discovery Digital Networks for the experiences I had, the amazing people I was able to work with but this is a necessary – and I feel important – change,” the creator said in a video.

The creator then goes on to talk about how he wants to create a new kind of news network where folks can have an opinion, so long as they get the facts first. The new network will be known as DeFranco Elite and will be funded through Patreon.

“We will start by hiring and building out the existing channels to make more content for EVERYONE and using that as a launch pad for the news network. Expect to see new and OLD faces,” reads an excerpt from the DeFranco Elite Patreon page.

That building out of the existing channels involves publishing seven videos to the main channel Philip DeFranco every week and creating five to seven videos a week for the behind the scenes channel PhillyD. This the creator says will allow him and his team to create new content such as mini-documentaries, podcasts, debates and bringing experts in to discuss topics.

This is the second announcement of a crowdfunding news site in as many weeks. You’ll recall that last week Jimmy Wales announced Wikitribune, a news site that will function much like Wikipedia only with a focus on reporting factual news.

You can watch the announcement of DeFranco Elite in the video below.