Samsung Galaxy CS:GO Championship Bravado Gaming

Bravado Gaming wins local Samsung Galaxy CS:GO Championship

Yesterday the finals of the Samsung Galaxy CS:GO Championship were played as local esports teams Bravado Gaming and Energy eSports fought it out.

Bravado went undefeated throughout the entire tournament to win the finals (a best of five) 3-0. For their efforts they walk away with R350 000, which is the winner’s share of the R1 million prize pool.

Energy still goes home with a payday, their second-place finish netting them R160 000.

Even if you have no interest in Counter Strike: Global Offensive or esports in general, this tournament was still interesting. The production value of the entire affair as well as the professionalism behind the organisers MettleState and their staff was great to see.


Samsung was a big sponsor for the event (as you may have guessed) with director for integrated mobility Craige Fleischer stating “I’m committed to esports for South Africa”. This combined with the other big sponsors in ASUS and Plantronics and we’re sure to get more events with this kind of pedigree in the country.

You can check out a Twitch VOD of the finals below. We highly suggest you check it out for a few upsets as well as a cheeky knife kill. The rest of the tournament can be seen on MettleState’s channel.

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