According to a report published by, Steam receives roughly 50,000 refund requests on a daily basis.

The report states that “At the time of writing, 49,119 refund requests have been submitted over the past 24 hours, with Valve’s Steam support page claiming that all are dealt with between 1.35 hours and 1.53 days.”.

Valve’s decision to offer refunds for titles that players are not satisfied with is still being embraced by consumers, as recent figures from its support team show.

Refunds were introduced to the Steam platform in 2015 after Valve faced legal backlash for not offering refunds to users. Steam’s refund policy allows users to request a refund for games that they have spent less than 2 hours in provided that they apply for a refund with 14 days of first buying the game.

Given the claim that all refund requests are dealt with within such a short space of time, Valve clearly has an efficient system in place to process these requests.

On a similar note, Microsoft are currently testing a “digital refunds” policy for Windows 10 and Xbox via a select group of users in Xbox Insider program.