The Kruger National Park is Africa’s most Instagrammed tourist attraction and among the top 50 in the world, according to TravelBird.

TravelBird, a Netherlands-based online travel agency offering a curated collection of holiday and travel experiences, released its annual list ranking 470 attractions in many countries around the world based on the number of tags on the social media platform.

The agency uses the Instagram API to look at which destinations produced the most hashtags in the local language, as well as their translations into English and other languages. They also look up popular hashtags related to the attractions’ specific locations and added the related tags together to come up with the sum totals.

Wrongly spelt hashtagged destinations were not taken into account.

The Kruger National Park placed 49th after Anfield in the UK and Cedar Point in the US. It also happens to be the only African attraction featured on the list.

Disneyland in Calfornia placed first, followed by the Eiffel Tower in Paris and Disneyland Florida.

“This study offers a compelling overview of hundreds of destinations that are beloved by Instagram users for their cultural heritage, their stunning natural beauty and their local charm,” said Symen Jansma, Founder of TravelBird. “Alongside this, the data also tells a fascinating story about the ways people are travelling in 2017, offering valuable insights for the travel and tourism industry.”

[Image – CC Nithin bolar k]