There have been countless recreations of the famous red and white Poké Ball from the Pokémon franchise, but this DIY version has a unique feature: it shakes.

If that sound absolutely bonkers to you, you probably haven’t played the games recently. When you attempt to catch a Pokémon with one of these there is a brief period where the ball will shake, indicating that the Pokémon is trying to escape. This is what the project is trying to mimic.

What you see here is a 3D printed shell filled with electronics. Most importantly: the rumble motor from an old XBox 360 controller that provides the movement. That, as well as the lighting system, is activated by pressing the central button.

While we’re sure this has existed in one form or the other, and maybe even as an official product, this project is special because there’s a full guide available for you to replicate it. You can find it on Instructables along with all the circuit diagrams and the code needed for the microcontroller.

While you’re holding down B (or whatever your placebo method for ensuring catches is) we suggest a 3D printed Snorlax to go along with this build. What’s the point of making a Poké Ball if you have nothing to catch?

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