Calvin and Hobbes is another popular franchise that has taken its time to enter the world of 3D printing, but we’re glad it’s here now.

This design uploaded yesterday by retired software engineer Steve Solomon is a perfect tribute to the characters, as it imitates this famous piece of art from the comics.

While the gallery below may not show it, the models are deceptively large. It stands at 25 centimetres tall, with Hobbes being 24cm, Calvin being 12cm, and the log filling in the final centimetre.

Three separate prints go into the design you see here, with the two characters slotting into grooves in the piece of wood. You can find the files for all three together on MyMiniFactory, or you can download Calvin or Hobbes on their own. It also looks like the files are sliced by colour, so you can achieve the design without needing to paint.

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