Owners of org.za domains beware, if you haven’t moved your domain to an accredited registrar you may wake up on 1st September to find your domain gone.

The news comes to us via the ZA Central Registry (ZACR) which notes that to date only 2 394 domains using org.za have been moved to accredited registrars while 12 677 domains remain on legacy systems.

“It is good news that many org.za domain name holders have transferred their domains to ZACR-Accredited Registrars since September 2016. However, we are concerned that many more still have not made the transition,” says ZACR chief executive officer Lucky Masilela.

The ZACR began suspending non-compliant org.za domains in September 2016. The firm suspended as many as 15 420 domains in this time.

For those that own a non-compliant org.za the transfer of the domain is relatively painless and the ZACR says that there will be “no┬áregistry-imposed fee to transfer an Org.Za domain name from the Default Registrar account.”

If you aren’t sure whether your domain name is still on the Default Registrar account you can find a list on ZACR’s website.

It’s absolutely worth check this now as should your domain be deleted come 1st September the domain will be put up for sale again on a first-come, first-served basis.

[Image – Pixabay]
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