Twitter experiencing worldwide outage

[UPDATE as at 4:30pm: Twitter is working again] [UPDATE as at 3:45pm: The problem seems to be intermittent, with some users still reporting issues and some having regular access again. This is the last information Twitter provided about the issue]

If you’re trying to log onto your Twitter account either on mobile or web but can’t, it’s not just you – the service is down worldwide.

Users worldwide began experiencing a technical glitch with tweets not loading and the timeline not refreshing.

That screenshot above is what you’ll most lickely see when you try and check the app on your phone, and this screen will greet you on your desktop.

Users around the world including the UK, Spain, the Netherlands, Japan, US also reported the same issue around 3:25pm South Africa time.


It’s not clear what the problem could be, but we’ll keep you updated as soon as there’s word.


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