Hand of Fate (in 2015) was a really great roguelike/lite which centred around a fictional deck-building card game.

Now that card game is being turned into a physical product thanks to a Kickstarter campaign that launched this morning, and it already very close to its AU$30 000 (~R295K) goal.

The game, called Hand of Fate: Ordeals, is being created by a partnership of the developers of the original Defiant Development, and boardgame publisher Rule & Make.

You can watch a short rundown of the game in the video below, and check out a draft of the rules  in this Google Doc.

The Kickstarter campaign only offers a single pledge amount which not only gets you the final game, but an exclusive figure, a copy of Hand of Fate on Steam and the as of yet annanounced stretch goals.

You’ll need to fork out AU$79 / $59 / €53 plus shipping for your pledge. Shipping to South Africa (we’re mentioned specifically!) will cost $35 (~R461). Without any of the post office’s nonesense, you’ll be paying $94 (~R1 238) for the game, with an estimated delivery date of November 2017.  

If you’re not at all into board games or crowdfunding, we highly suggest checking out the original, or Hand of Fate 2 which is set to launch some time this year.

I recently bought and finished the that original game this year, and loved it. Despite some its combat being a very weak Arkham clone and the bosses presenting insane difficulty curves, it was highly enjoyable and I can recommend it. I hope the sequel improves on things and I can try this physical game out at some point.