The annual JavaScript in South Africa (JSinSA) conference will host its seventh conference in Johannesburg once again this year.

This year the organisers have moved the venue to The Wanderers Club in Johannesburg to accommodate 350 attendees, 100 more than the conference could handle in 2016.

The conference has also attracted local sponsorship from the likes of bbd, Entelect, OfferZen, Amazon and Mozilla.

JSinSA will feature 17 speakers including Rouan Wilsenach who will be discussing real world micro-services. Organiser Simon Stewart will also be talking about bridging the gap between websites and native mobile applications.

If you’re interested in attending JSinSA you won’t have to book a day of leave as the conference is set to take place on Saturday 15th July. Tickets are priced at R925 and include a pass to all sessions on the day, snacks, a full lunch, a welcome pack and an entry for lucky draw prizes.

As with previous years JSinSA will have sponsored tickets for developers that would benefit from the conference but might not be able to attend due to financial difficulties. If that sounds like you, JSinSA advises you contact them for more information.

Tickets are available right now via the JSinSA website.