If you’ve always wanted to own one of Apple’s many drool-worthy products but the prices in the iStore have made your credit cards shriek, rejoice; the iStore sale kicks off tomorrow and you can make some pretty decent savings.

That is, if you’ve been saving up.

A MacBook Pro 13″ and a MacBook 12″ are both R19 999 and that’s still pretty pricy, even though you’re getting a saving of R3 000 and R4 000 respectively. On the other hand, R2 999 for an iWatch seems a bit more affordable – especially when you consider Apple’s knocking R5 300 off the original asking price.

Tomorrow you can save up to 20% on iPads, iPhones, iWatches, Apple TV and more and some of these deals are reduced even further with a Vodacom uChoose Flexi deal. There are even some snazzy peripherals included in the sale, such as iPhone cases and audio cables.

Now for the catch – yes, there’s always a catch.

The prices for these products, by the way, is only on offer while stocks last and there’s no guarantee that the iStore nearest you will have stock of all the products one sale in the variations mentioned – so it looks like online shoppers have the edge on this one.

Also, if you have any notions of ringing up an iStore and asking the staff there to hold a product for you, forget it. Seeing as iStore sales cause products to fly off the shelves, staff won’t keep anything reserved. Doors open at 8am and it’s first come, first served.