A bit of a topsy-turvy africast this week as we have Lungi, Nick, Brendyn and myself speaking, but Nick leaves half-way to be replaced by Brendyn. Just think of it was a WWE tag out, which we mention too, for some reason.

Lungi starts us off with some talk about the local political sphere where ex-finance minister Pravin Gordhan basically roasted the Eskom board.

I’m next with talk of the two games I’ve been playing: STRAFE and The Surge. The first is a failed 90’s FPS roguelike/lite and the second is a very successful aping of Dark Souls.

Finally, apologies to Imgur star MohAki1 and his fans. The plans was to have him on for a live segment, but technical difficulties got in the way. Check out our written interview and previous podcast where he made an appearance.

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