We’re still playing and really enjoying The Surge.

One of the aspects we love is the cool exo-suit sets the game uses in place of armour.

Like the Souls games this title apes, there are a bunch of hidden secrets and collectables, and one of them takes the form of a unique exo-suit set called “Iron Maus”.

While no mention is made of either, it’s clear that this is a combination of Iron Man and musician Deadmau5. We’ll let you decide how much was cribbed from the two in the short turnaround segment in this video.

In the game it looks like “Iron Maus” is a hero very much like Iron Man. In the real world, “Iron Maus” is the name of the song used in The Surge’s trailer, made by artist NOIIISE.

IGN has a quick little video you can watch below to see a recap of how to unlock the exo-suit as well as quick look at it. For something more in depth, check out this guide.