While the allure of pen and paper games like D&D is exactly that for most people – the lack of technology – there are a few additions to the game that can make it that much better, and we think an infinitely customisable board to play on is one of those.

What we have here is a 40″ TV with a plaster frame that also acts as the scenery, as its modeled to look like a castle.

On top of the TV is a piece of acrylic to protect the screen, because that’s where the game is going to happen. The DM loads up maps from the Surface Book and the game can begin. After the models have been moved and the D20s have been thrown, the map can be completed and a new one can be loaded up. No more fretting with larger paper or cardboard scenery here!

D&D Table

You can see a slideshow of the build in the gallery above, but we highly suggest going directly to the Imgur page and giving an upvote.

If you’ve always wanted to try D&D and never got the chance, we suggest you swing by DeeTwenty Geeking House where you’ll find lots of friendly players eager to teach newcomers.

One of our own journalists tried this out, read his first ever attempt at playing the game.