We’ve seen a lot of great Overwatch builds done with LEGO, but this one may be the best.

Corneel Clarys, a 19 year old student from Belgium, is attempting to recreate Bastion at full scale, aiming to end up with a build that stands two metres high.

As of May 2017 he’s completed the head and upper shoulders of the character, effectively creating a bust. This isn’t just a static model, however, as the head can also swivel around and it features an eye that lights up.

Only one part of what you saw above there is not official LEGO. It uses the SBrick, a third party adaptor that allows you to link up multiple LEGO motors and other powered parts and control them from a phone or tablet. Everything else is out of the box bricks you can buy at any store.

Clarys estimates that this gigantic undertaking will only be finished at the end of next year, so we suggest you follow its progress on its Facebook page – The Bastion Project.

A big thanks to the LEGO channel Beyond the Brick for alerting us to this project. Make sure you watch their video on it below.