Many of the 3D prints we feature are static decorations or props mainly used for cosplay, so it’s nice to find a print you can play with – these pull back cars.

Thanks to a gear system and an elastic band, if you pull one of these cars back, it’ll go flying off into the distance. The only non-3D printed materials used here are some metal screws to hold in the gears and wheels, and elastic bands for the gearing and the wheels.

You can find the files to make your own over on MyMiniFactory.

If this just isn’t doing it for you, we suggest you also check out this 3D printed wind up car.

And if you don’t want to fire up the 3D printer at all today, LEGO makes a line of cars with pull back motors. You can pick up sets such as 42058: Stunt Bike and 42059: Stunt Truck for relatively cheap, and both come with pull back motors and ramps. Have fun.

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