Today we have not one, but three different 3D prints to make yourself a convincing cosplay of Junkrat from Overwatch.

The first is his gauntlet, which is several plastic parts affixed to a material glove.

Next are his grenades and, while there are only two shown off in the gallery below, you’ll need to pump out eight of them to be game-accurate.

Finally, as an addition to the grenades, the same maker created a stencil which allows you to quickly add Junkrat’s insignia to the grenades. We suppose you could also blow it up and use it on walls, but make sure they’re your own walls.

You can find the gauntlet, grenades and stencil on Thingiverse. They’ve also just recently been added to MyMiniFactory if you prefer to get your files from there instead.

This story also signifies a big update to our comprehensive list of 3D printable Overwatch props, with additions to Phara, Symmetra and Roadhog.

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