We have a simple maker project to feature today, but it’s sure to be interesting for the fans of Clash Royale.

This is a recreation of the Legendary Chests as seen in the game. It’s a 3D printed model filled with LEDs to mimic the glowing effect of the chests.

Aside from the LEDs the walls of the chest were printed with a filament that would allow light to pass through.

To make your own all you need is the free files from Thingiverse as well as some setup for the lighting. This specific build uses these lights from Amazon but, with the prevalence of RGB lights floating around, we’re sure you could use any kind you like.

If you want more physical props from Clash Royale, we suggest checking out this challenger one badge created by the same designer who made the chest. While you’re on Thingiverse make sure you search up more parts of the game, as it has a dedicated following on that site too.