The City of Cape Town will soon introduce water shedding measures for residents in certain areas.

The city advised that supply interruptions are now more likely due to intensified water pressure reduction measures.

Residents have also been urged to keep emergency supplies of two to five litre containers to use for drinking and cooking when water is shed.

Those in higher-lying areas will be most affected by the water shedding.

“As communicated before, we will lower the water pressure as part of our efforts to stretch our water supplies. We are now well into the winter season with no sufficient rain in sight and the city continues with its various plans to manage the drought crisis,” the city said.

“Furthermore, multi-storey buildings that do not make use of pumps and overhead tanks as required by the City’s building regulations are likely to experience supply problems. Residents are encouraged to approach their body corporates or managing agents to ensure that these systems are in place and operational.”

The city said it’s aim with water shedding and pressure reduction is to adjust its system so that as many people as possible are supplied at as low a pressure as possible.

“As we have never had to lower pressure to this level, reaching this equilibrium will require an element of trial and error,” said MMC for Informal Settlements Water, and Waste Services and Energy, Councillor Xanthea Limberg.