While the entire focus of makers.htxt is to show you impressive projects you can replicate, or point you in the direction of resources to use in your own projects, it’s nice to take a look at commercial, complete products you can buy too.

The Tiny Arcade is the focus of that spotlight today: an arcade cabinet that fits in your hand that actually plays games. You may have already heard of this machine thanks to its Kickstarter a while back, but it’s worth investigating once again now that’s it’s released and can be bought outright.

What you’ll be buying is a laser cut acrylic case filled with electronics similar to the Arduino Zero. It comes with open source games you can play with a tiny joystick and two buttons, but you’ll obviously want to load emulators onto it. That’s been accounted for thanks to a removable SD card.

You can buy a Tiny Arcade right now for $60 (~R777) from makers TinyCircuits. They apparently offer free shipping worldwide, but remember that you’ll be slammed with fees and taxes at the SA post office.

If that’s too rich for your blood, you can make your own with this build by Adafruit. It measures in at just 6.72 centimetres and is based on the Raspberry pi Zero.

While the Tiny Arcade may have been out for a while now, we were alerted to its existence by the rather great YouTube channel for Tested. Give their video on it a watch and subscribe while you’re there, they produce suberb content.