There’s good news and bad news for Cape Town’s water crisis this week. Much-needed rain is forecast for this week, but it’ll have almost no effect on the drought.

Cape Town is currently experiencing the worst drought in 100 years, with only 9.7% of drinkable water left in dams supplying the city.

According to the South African Weather Service (Weather SA), three consecutive days of rain are forecast for this week, from Tuesday to Thursday.

A strong cold front will reach the Mother City late tomorrow night and with the high likelihood of widespread rain over the Western Cape, as well as potential heavy rains, with more than 50mm in 24 hours falling in some places on Wednesday.

“Although this much rain is expected, the severity of the ongoing water shortage in the Western Cape is such that there will be almost still no relief brought by this weather system on its own,” Weather SA said.

Rain probability for Tuesday is 80%, Wednesday is 100% and Thursday is 80%.

The City of Cape Town has continually urged residents to reduce their water usage. Tighter level four water restrictions and water shedding were recently introduced in the city, with residents only allowed to use water for very basic tasks such as drinking and cooking.