Continuing on from the tiny Fallout 3D prints for Funko Pop figures that we recently featured, we have another scale model from the games in the form of this Nuka-Cola vending machine.

Designed using only game screenshots, the final model represents the in-game item’s appearance in Fallout 4 and is apparently 1:12 scale.

The files even come with separate Nuka-Cola bottles which can be inserted into the machine. As you can see in the gallery below with the prints compared to the size of a coin, these prints are impressively small.

The paint work must be commended too, as it’s pretty much flawless and we imagine trying to paint that tiny bottle must have been a headache. Our only gripe is that it looks like these really could have used a few more rounds of sanding.

The files to make your own vending machine are free to download from both Thingiverse and MyMiniFactory.

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