After talking about it for almost a year, Skype will eventually retire versions of its app for smartphones running Windows on July 1st.

To be clear, those using Windows 10 on a smartphone will still be able to use the standalone Skype app but sadly that isn’t the case for all Windows mobile users.

Skype will be permanently retiring the app for Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows RT and TV. The messaging app for Windows 10 Mobile will also see Skype functionality disappear come July.

If you happen to be running one of those operating systems you will still be able to access Skype through its web app if you aren’t keen on buying a new device.

So why is Skype ending support for some systems? The answer is quite simple. In the past Skype used peer-to-peer connections to facilitate calls but the firm has slowly been switching to a cloud-based platform.

Time to upgrade then, it seems.


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