From today until 9th June, Drone Con 2017 is happening in Midrand. This conference is focused more on the professional side of drone operation and other UAVs, so don’t worry about attending if you’re more of a casual flyer.

If you do fall into that category, or you were too busy during the first day, we’ve put together a gallery of some of the aircraft that is on show in the exhibition area. There’s everything, from micro-drones that fit into your hand, right up to a giant million-rand machine loaded with professional photography equipment and LIDAR.

The middle of the exhibition area is filled with a cage for flying demos, and we got to watch the Pegasus from United Drone holidays. We’ve got a video of the short demo below which doesn’t do justice to how loud this thing is. Make sure you watch out for the delivery system as well as the folding landing gear.

The picture gallery is just below the video, so keep scrolling.


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