Following the announcement of new Pokémon games, this 3D printed chess set appeared in the wild.

This full set of playing pieces consist of two prints per piece – a base and the Pokémon itself. The ones you see in the gallery below were done with woodfill PLA filament to give them a more authentic feel, and the bases were filled with steel nuts to make them more bottom heavy.

You can find the files for this chess set on Thingiverse.

Because this set uses only first gen Pokémon, the choices for the pieces were a bit limited. Sure, Nidoking and Nidoqueen for the king and queen was a given, but the rest of the choices are a bit flat.

If we could expand to other gens we’d go with: Magikarp for the pawns, Escavalier for the knights, Bisharp for the bishops, and then Palossand or Bastiodon for the rooks.

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