Sanral is still having a hard time collecting revenue through Gauteng motorists who owe etolls bills. Between April 2015 and March 2017, on;y 30% of outstanding bills were collected.

This is according to a reply Sanral sent to the DA, which reveals the number of paid and unpaid invoices over the two years.

“This does not surprise us, given the lack of consultation by Sanral and government, both Provincial and National, with the people of Gauteng. The will of the people and democratic processes were undermined in order to bulldoze through the unworkable and expensive system,” said DA Gauteng Shadow MEC for Roads and Transport, Fred Nel.

According to Sanral, the average number of bills not paid stand at around R55 million, with the highest outstanding amount being recorded on March 2017 (R60.8 million).

In November, it was revealed that motorists owed Sanral R11 billion in etolls fees.

“As the DA, we warned the ANC that they cannot force this system down the throats of already over-burdened South Africans, who cannot afford the additional tax. This is because the ANC does not listen and does not care about the people of South Africa, especially the poor who are affected by the rising costs of food due to the increased cost of transporting goods and services on Gauteng’s tolled roads,” Nel said.

“The people of Gauteng are tired of the ANC taking their money, only to use it on corrupt activities and to send it to Dubai with the Guptas.”

[image – CC JMK]