To say Uber has had a rough year would be an understatement but the firm seems to be righting itself.

That being said, come the end of the week Uber’s leadership might look a whole lot different than it does right now.

This follows reports that Uber’s board of directors has voted to implement all of the recommendations made by US Attorney General Eric Holder in a report.

The report was commissioned by Uber following misconduct at the firm including allegations of sexual harassment made by former employee Susan Fowler.

What exactly the report contains however, is unclear but won’t be for long as TechCrunch reports the recommendations made by Holder will be handed to employees on Tuesday.

At the moment speculation abounds that Uber chief executive officer Travis Kalanick will be ousted from the firm either on his own terms or as part of the board’s considerations alongside the recommendations made by Holder.

Senior vice president of the firm and trusted confidant of Kalanick, Emil Michael is also expected to be asked to leave the firm.

[Via – TechCrunch]
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